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Children's Stories with Messages for All Ages

Sirmackota in Milford, Pennsylvania, presents the adventures of Beau from the mind of Nancy Palumbo. Fun for all ages, my books bring entertainment and laughs as well as emotional depth and moral lessons that help family's deal with tough issues.

Sir Beau the Ambassador Cat

Dealing with the loss of a beloved pet is always difficult, especially for children who might not understand exactly what happened. Sir Beau the Ambassador Cat is a touching story aimed at helping children and parents discuss the delicate subject of losing a loved one. This lovely story is sure to provide emotional catharsis for those dealing with the departure of a pet and pull on the heartstrings of all who read it. Nancy Palumbo relives the time she spent with her beloved cat Beau through this story and hopes to share the comfort and amusement Beau brought to her life through her stories. Sir Beau is illustrated by Mike Motz and his artists. 

Illustration of Cats

Coloring Book Cover

Sir Beau's Coloring Book

Sir Beau's Coloring Book follows Beau on his journey from kitten to adult. His cute antics are sure to amuse as you follow him on a coloring adventure. The coloring book is adorably illustrated by Toby Mikle.

Coloring Page Coloring

A Good Cause

Nancy Palumbo believes in the wonderful work carried out by animal rescue organizations. For every book sold, she will donate a portion of the proceeds to either a cat or a dog rescue organization.


Bradley - 7/2021


Sophie - 7/2021


The Jindo and the Mailman

Nancy L. Palumbo introduces readers to the Welles family—a happy bunch who felt like something was missing. After visiting the local animal shelter the Welles family instantly falls in love with a very special dog—the Jindo! The Jindo, lovingly named Reno settles right in to his new life. Everything seems perfect until Reno discovers a new enemy...the friendly neighborhood mailman! Can Reno overcome his fear and accept the Mailman’s friendship and love?

This beautifully illustrated narrative presents timeless values of family, love, redemption, overcoming fear, and forming new friendships. Young readers will delight in this story of a rescue dog’s journey from uncertainty and lonliness to the love and devotion of an amazing family.

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