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Susan Zimmer (12/21/16)
Sir Beau the Ambassador Cat is a tender tale about the timeless love between pets and their humans. Author Nancy Palumbo bravely and poignantly ventures into the difficult subject of "saying good-bye".

This heartwarming story is based upon the real life of one of Nancy's little fellows. Charming illustrations will delight readers of all ages. You will laugh at Beau's antics from kitten to adult and find comfort in the message of purpose. You can even follow Sir Beau on a coloring adventure (Printable pages on the website).

Nancy and her husband Vincent are kind, generous, and compassionate pet parents caring for "too many cats and dogs to mention!" A portion of every book sold will be donated to animal rescue organizations.

Nestor A. (11/17/14)
Wow! Sir Beau brought a tear to my eyes. So thoughtfully written and the poetry was just marvelous. I too lost a wonderful pet dog who was so gentle (all 84 pounds). Nancy you really have a gift!

Carmella P. (10/16/14)
Our cat passed away early this year. After reading Sir Beau to my daughter, she was comforted in believing that he is living a new life somewhere in Heaven. What a delightful book! Highly recommend!

Jim B (10/2/14)
My daughter had recently lost her dog when I saw Sir Beau at the local craft show with my wife. The story really snapped her out of her sullen mood and back to her cheery self. I highly recommend this story for any child who owns a pet to help them deal with their eventual mortality.

Bonnie A (9/6/14)
My children found Sir Beau delightful. By showing that life and joy continue after death, the story enabled me to explain more to them about our faith in a way that they can understand.

Larry F (8/5/14)
I was very happy to get a copy of Sir Beau as it brought me much joy. As an animal lover, the story of Beau as an ambassador not only on earth but also in heaven brought tears to my eyes. I'm sure anyone especially our young people who have grieved the loss of a pet will feel the same way. While geared for children this book makes a great gift for people of any age.

DP (6/9/14)
This is a very sweet book that is well written and is appropriate for children of all ages. I like that it gives both children and adults a way to bond during such a sad time. It allows everyone that reads it, the ability to express their feelings about the love and loss of a pet. All three of my kids loved this book. Highly recommend!

Vincent A. (5/15/14)

Great Book. Congratulations!

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